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Finding your place in the world can be hard. But if you ask enough questions... you can make a place just right for you!


Hector is a very curious young owl. He wants to know everything about his nest, his tree, and the forest around him. Mother and Father Owl answer his questions the best that they can, but not every question is easy to answer. "Why are we different from the other birds?" he asks Mother Owl. When Father Owl asks if he is ready to find a mate, Hector replies he decidedly is not! There is simply too much to learn! There are questions to ask, adventures to be had, and humans to observe. And all the while, Hector must learn the most important lesson of all: what is his place in this forest he calls home?


How Wise Old Owl Got His Name, part one in the Lessons with Wise Old Owl series, includes beautiful illustrations created by oil landscape painter Sandra Difazio and a glossary of phonetics and definitions for key words such as "perch", "nocturnal", and "valley". This book will encourage readers to embrace self-acceptance and to explore the world around them. 

How Wise Old Owl Got His Name: Part 1 in Lessons With Wise Old Owl Series

  • You can find the Kindle version ready for preorder HERE.

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